I believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and seen, and that's exactly what I strive to achieve with each and every one of my clients.

This experience has been known to help break the mold and bring out a new confidence some women (and men!) never even knew existed.

Give yourself (and your significant other, if you choose) the gift of your confidence and self-love with a session and Printed Art of YOU to cherish and remind you of the beautiful badass you truly are!

You are BEAUTIFUL! You are ENOUGH!

Invest in yourself and create beautiful art for you, or share with that special someone

I pride myself on Helping others find their sexy again while also bringing a true comfort into the session...

Discover the allure of boudoir photography at my full-service, luxury studio located in the Wichita, Kansas area. Setting a new standard for intimate photography experiences, my sessions break the mold, drawing in clients from all over the nation to experience the ultimate in boudoir photography.

Crafted with precision, these sessions are designed to guide you into comfort in front of the camera and create an atmosphere that helps you see how beautiful you are in your individuality.

Beginning with fun conversation, girl-time and makeup, followed by deeper discussions of what you are looking for in your session, we open the doors to trust, comfort, and understanding of what you are truly seeking to find and accomplish during your time in the studio.

I'm Sarah, owner, photographer, confidence coach, and cheerleader!

Building this business has shown me just how important it really is for every single person to feel beautiful, loved, important, and most importantly...self confident.

Is it bad if I love that I have to leave out the tissues at reveals? My heart is so full knowing that I was able to help make a difference in someone's life, that just doing what I love, helps others love themselves. I am not sure there are many better careers than that!

  • I am the mom of a beautiful school aged girl that is caring and full of sass.
  • I have been filling my cup with decaf for the last 2 years and feel pretty proud of that!
  • I have lived many places, including the US Virgin Islands, and will argue with anyone who says that Wichita isn't a great place to live :)
  • I can't really sing, but I'll take a mic and pretend anytime

Ready to invest in yourself and create a gift for YOU that no one else can?